Cisco ISR4451-X Router

Cisco ISR4451-X Router

Cisco ISR4451-X Router


  • 4451 ISR with 4 onboard GE
  • 3 NIM slots, 1 ISC slot, 2 SM slots
  • 8 GB flash memory default
  • 2 GB DRAM default (data plane)
  • 4 GB DRAM default (control plane)
Form factor 2 RU
Integrated WAN Ports 2 PoE GE / SFP; 2 GE / SFP
Performance 1 Gbps Upgradable to 2 Gbps
Management port 5 GE (Integrated out of Band)
Network Interface Modules (NIM) 3
Enhanced Services Modules (SM-X) 2 single- or 1 double-wide
Integrated Services Card (ISC) slots 5 (PVDM 4)
USB Ports (type A) 2
Default/max Flash 8 GB / 32 GB
Default/max DRAM 4 GB / 16 GB
Power supply type External: AC, PoE or DC
Redundant power supply Yes, Internal RPS
Module online insertion and Removal (OIR) Yes
Server virtualization platform (UCS E-Series) and Network Compute Engine (NCE)




2-core single-wide, 2-core NCE

4-core single-wide, 4-core NCE

4-core double-wide

6-core double-wide

8-core double-wide

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